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Savour the Flavour of Health


Sunflower Oil

Corn Oil

Olive Oil



Our priority is to ensure that our products are always natural, non-GMO and healthy as we value our lives.

We are trying our best to take care of public health and what we think is that the food we eat is our identity. The youth of the nation must save our food culture and traditions. If not, it will affect future generations.

Our products comply with international food standards, our cooking oils are unscented and long-lasting. Our products have high standard of packaging which we are proud of it. Both our products and packaging have the necessary certifications.





People who follow a Mediterranean style diet thats is rich in olive oil may be at a lower risk of depression.

Colon Cancer

Research by Spanish scientist has show including olive in the diet lowers the risk of this cancer.

Heart Health

Helps slow down heart aging process, antioxidants may offer protection against red blood cells damage.


Olive oil make it easier to control or lose weight due to its high nutrient value.

Keeps Bones Healthy

Help prevent the loss of calcium related to developing osteoporosis during later years.


People who follow a Mediterranean style diet thats is rich in olive oil may be at a lower risk of depression.



Reuse of Oil

After the oil that we use has cooled down, we must filter the oil with a coffee filter and store it in a dark place. However, we must not forget that the heating of the reused oil decreases in every use and increases its toxicity. The same oil should not be used more than 2-3 times when frying. When you see that the colour of oil darkens, and the smell becomes heavy it is time that we need to stop using the oil and kept for recycling.

Proper Disposal of Oil

After cooking, pouring the remaining oil into the sink in the pot and pan will cause clogging of the pipe systems as well as threatening the lives of living things when mixing into the sea and fresh water.

Instead of pouring a little amount of oil left in the pan into the sink, we can wipe the reaming oil and throw it in the trash, or we can mix with cat litter if there is a small amount of oil waste remained.

Use of Gas Lamp

We can save our waste oil in the gas lamp that we have in our house for power shortage, we can even make our own gaslight chandelier.